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Blackcoats Among the Delaware: David Zeisberger on the Ohio Frontier
by Earl P. Olmstead
Paperback from Kent State Univ Pr

Cummings' Vocabulary of Delaware (American Language Reprint Series Vol. 15)
by Richard W. Cummings
Hardcover: Evolution Pub & Manufacturing; ISBN: 1889758132;

The Delaware Indians: A History
by Clinton A. Weslager
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 8.96 x 5.95
Rutgers University Press; ISBN: 0813514940; Reprint edition (December 1990)

David Zeisberger: A Life Among the Indians
by Earl P. Olmstead, David Zeisberger, George W. Knepper
Hardcover from Kent State Univ Pr

Delaware-English/English-Delaware Dictionary
by John O'Meara

Delaware Prehistoric Archaeology: An Ecological Approach
by Jay F. Custer
Hardcover from Univ of Delaware Pr
Special Order

Denny's Vocabulary of Delaware (American Language Reprint Series Vol. 12)
by Ebenezer Denny

Early Fragments of Minsi Delaware (American Language Reprint Series Vol. 29)
by John Heckewelder
Hardcover: 45 pages
Arx Pub; ISBN: 1889758310; (November )

Folk Medicine of the Delaware & Related Algonkian Indians
by Gladys Tantaquidgeon
Paperback from Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission

Special Order

The Grandfathers Speak: Native American Folk Tales of the Lenape People (International Folk Tale Series)
by Hitakonanulaxk

History, Manners, and Customs of the Indian Nations Who Once Inhabited Pennsylvania and the Neighboring States.
by John Gottlieb Ernestus, Heckewelder
(Hardcover - June 1971)

Keeper of the Delaware Dolls
by Lynette Perry, Manny Skolnick
Paperback from Univ of Nebraska Pr
Legends of the Delaware Indians and Picture Writing (Iroquois and Their Neighbors)
by Richard C. Adams, Deborah Nichols, Nora Thompson Dean, Lucy Parks Blalock
Paperback from Syracuse Univ Pr (Trade)

Song of Courage, Song of Freedom: The Story of the Child, Mary Campbell, Held Captive in Ohio by the Delaware Indians from 1759-1764
by Marilyn Seguin, Mary Campbell
(Paperback - March 1993)

Standing in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey Logan
by Mary Pope Osborne
Fiction, suitable for children - listed under Dear America Series

The Tuscarawas Valley in Indian Days 1750-1797: Original Journals and Old Maps
by Russell H. Booth
Book Description This book consists of the eyewitness accounts of persons who came into the Tuscarawas Valley in eastern Ohio in the last half of the 18th century. There are 48 journals, each one opening a small window into the past. We can hear, in the words of the traveler himself, of his trip to the Valley, usually starting and ending at Fort Pitt, of the people he met, Indian and white, and of his descriptions of the Indian towns and customs. The journals encompass the entire period between the first detailed account of the Ohio country by an English-speaking person, Christopher Gist in 1750, to the time, in 1797, when the Tuscarawas Valley was being surveyed for settlement by the whites, and the Indian culture was passing from the valley. It is, without doubt, the most comprehensive, first-person look at the valley in Indian days that has ever been published.
Hardcover: 329 pages
Gomber House Pr; ISBN: 0964063468; 

Voices from the Delaware Big House Ceremony (Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol 239)
by Robert Steven Grumet (Editor), et al

A Vocabulary of New Jersey Delaware (American Language Reprint Series Vol. 10)
by James Madison

The Lenape or Delaware Indians : The Original People of New Jersey, Southeastern New York State, Eastern Pennsylvania
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