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This Land Is My Land
by George Littlechild
Paperback from Childrens Book Press

Indian Why Stories: Sparks from War Eagle's Lodge-Fire
by Frank Bird Linderman, Charles M. Russell, Celeste River
Paperback from Bison Bks Corp

North Spirit: Sojourns Among the Cree and Ojibway
by Paulette Jiles
Paperback from Ruminator Books

Fort Chipewyan Homecoming: A Journey to Native Canada (We Are Still Here)
by Morningstar Mercredi, Darren McNally, Carly Bordeau
Library Binding from Lerner Publications Company

Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods
by John J. Rowlands, Verlyn Klinkenborg, Henry B. Kane
Paperback from Countryman Pr

Cree (Tribes of Native America)
by Felkins Ryan, Marla Felkins Ryan, Linda Schmittroth
Library Binding from Blackbirch Marketing

Defending the Land: Sovereignty and Forest Life in James Bay Cree Society
by Ronald Niezen
From the Back Cover: What are the social forces that are destructive to a native society and how are their leaders trying to overcome them? Many have already heard of the campaign of the Cree people to protect their forest way of life from the impact of hydro-electric development in northern Quebec; few have heard in any detail the outcome of this campaign and what it means for the future of indigenous societies. Readers will find a systemic method for documenting the social impact of large-scale development on village communities. This study serves to balance the more common theme that focuses exclusively on the forces of acculturation and social destruction of native communities. Sociologists and anthropologists. Part of the Cultural Survival Series. 
Paperback from Pearson Education POD

Center of the World: Native American Spirituality
by Rita Robinson, Don Rutledge
Paperback from Newcastle Publishing Co

The Cree Tribe (Native Peoples)
by Janet Riehecky
School & Library Binding from Bridgestone Books

Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri: Sioux, Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees and Crows (Civilization of the American Indian Series, No 59)
by John C. Ewers, Edwin Thompson Denig
Paperback from Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd)

by Maria Campbell
Paperback from Univ of Nebraska Pr

Indian Old-Man Stories: More Sparks from War Eagle's Lodge-Fire/Authorized Edition
by Charles M. Russell, Celeste River, Frank Bird Linderman
Paperback from Bison Bks Corp

Melanie Bluelake's Dream
by Betty F. Dorion
Paperback from General Distribution Services

Indian Fall: The Last Great Days of the Plains Cree and the Blackfoot Confederacy
by D'Arcy Jenish
Hardcover from Viking Press

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The Temptations of Big Bear
by Rudy Henry Wiebe
Paperback from Sage Books

Indian Why Stories
by Frank Bird Linderman, Charles M. Russell
Paperback from Dover Pubns

A Homeland for the Cree: Regional Development in James Bay, 1971-1981
by Richard F. Salisbury
Paperback from McGill-Queens University Press
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Indian Lodge-Fire Stories
by Frank B. Linderman, Carl Schreier, Charles M. Russell
Paperback from Homestead Pub

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Never Without Consent: James Bay Crees' Stand Against Forcible Inclusion into an Independent Quebec
by Grand Council of the Crees
Paperback from ECW Press

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Sacred Stories of the Sweet Grass Cree
by Leonard Bloomfield
Hardcover from AMS Press

Tchipayuk or the Way of the Wolf
by Ronald Lavallee, Patricia Claxton
Paperback from Talonbooks Ltd

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Voices of the Plains Cree (Canadian Plains Studies, 28)
by Edward Ahenakew, Ruth M. Buck
Paperback from Canadian Plains Research Ctr

Winisk: On the Shore of Hudson Bay
by Mildred Young Hubbert, Millie Hubbert
Hardcover from Natural Heritage

Special Order

To Please the Caribou: Painted Caribou-Skin Coats Worn by the Naskapi, Montagnais, and Cree Hunters of the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula
by Dorothy K. Burnham
Hardcover from University of Washington Press
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Emotional Expression Among Cree Indians: The Role of Pictorial Representations in the Assessment of Psychological Mindedness
by Nadia Ferrara
Paperback from Jessica Kingsley Pub

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Dancing With a Ghost: Exploring Indian Reality
by Rupert Ross, Basil H. Johnston
Paperback from Butterworth-Heinemann

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Wishing Bone Cycle: Narrative Poems of the Swampy Cree Indians
by Howard Norman, Jerome Rothenberg
Paperback from Ross Erikson
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The Flight of the Seventh Moon: The Teaching of the Shields
by Lynn V. Andrews
Paperback from Harper SanFrancisco
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